CTM is a joint-stock company, “UNI EN ISO 9001:2008” certified, operating in the field of mobility and local public transport in the extended area of Cagliari. CTM is one of the main companies in Sardinia, with an overall workforce of 738 staff. On the whole, CTM vehicles cover about 12.500.000 km per year, running through an area of 402 km2 along a network of 480 km. This service is provided through buses and trolley buses, operating along 32 lines. At present, CTM is a public corporation whose shareholders are represented by the Municipalities of Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena and by Città metropolitana of Cagliari. CTM’s mission is to promote: · Public transport of passengers · Mobility and technological development projects · Parking management · Transport safety CTM’s strategic lines To accomplish its mission CTM’s activity is currently focused on two strategic areas: · ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems ·

Transportation environmental sustainability Referring to the first area of interest, CTM has already realized some of the most complexes and comprehensive ITS projects recently implemented in the world, such as: · Control and monitoring of traffic lights systems; · Urban traffic and mobility monitoring; · Fleet control and management; · Public transport services management; · Parking and traffic violation management and control; · Public transport customers oriented infomobility services Referring to the second area of interest, the complete renewal of CTM’s bus fleet has significantly reduced the average age of the buses, as well as enabling the purchase of Euro 5/EEV vehicles. CTM has succeeded in achieving one of its chief goals: to reduce the levels of pollution whilst contributing to a more environmentally friendly urban public transport. In 2010, CTM purchased 16 Solaris trolley buses “Trollino T12” as a first step for the renewal of its trolleybus fleet. The new trolley buses, in use since March/June 2012, are characterized by advanced technological solutions and equipment.