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T Bridge S.p.A. (TB)

T Bridge S.p.A. is a private management consulting and ICT company, based in Genoa with offices in Milan, Rome, Cagliari and Lamezia Terme (CZ). T Bridge is part of the BV TECH group, which brings together companies of consulting, engineering and information and telecommunication technologies. In the industry of Information and Communication technology (ICT) systems T Bridge has extensive and proven expertise, offering a wide range of services ranging from strategy design and implementation of systems, implementation and development of software solutions and network with high skills of IT

Consulting for Strategy & Business Transformation and Project & Change Management, and qualified skills in developing software applications in traditional environments and in Web environment and development of portals in the aggregation and integration of Web sites.

T Bridge provides, with its own internal staff (over one hundred professionals), expertise and technical competence in the local public transport (LPT) and ICT sectors, thanks also to the extensive collaboration in Italy and in Europe, with Companies, local public Authorities and their technical departments. Its main tasks are:

● Transport & Mobility;
● IT support services and solutions delivery;
● Strategies, planning and marketing;
● Management processes and systems.