The consortium brings together 

  • organisations for disability (ENIL)
  • transport (UITP)
  • accessibility and assistive technologies (AAATE)
  • and design (TUE

to devise and promote a co-design-for-all methodology for developing inclusive mobility solutions and effect process innovation and change. 

The consortium is completed by partners with 

  • expertise in strategy and change management (TB)
  • strategic technology development and user-centered design (DLR)
  • and policy and regulatory advice on technologies (TRI)

In addition, we will work with local partners in the transport ecosystem (ZAGREB, CTM SPA, CARRIS, SRM) to develop and test methods and mobility solution models as well as derive lessons-learned with respect to change management and process innovation in the cities of Bologna, Brussels, Cagliari, Lisbon, Sofia, Stockholm and Zagreb.