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Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, E.M., S.A. (CARRIS)

CARRIS is the most important bus, tram and elevator operator in the city of Lisbon. It currently operates approximately 600 buses (both diesel and natural gas powered), 70 trams (both historical and articulated vehicles), having transported more than 140 million passengers in 2018. The company has more than 2200 employees, and experience in both national and European research initiatives. As a public transport operator CARRIS has extensive experience of managing public transport offer to different users, including people with specific needs. Accordingly there is knowledge of some of the challenges associated with such operations and with projects aiming to target them. At the moment CARRIS is investing in renewing its fleets in a manner that will ensure better accessibility for all user groups and is working with the city of Lisbon on this topic. In addition it has an innovative project for digitalizing on-demand buses for the disabled.