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Inclusive mobility and climate change

There are many issues to be considered when creating innovative approaches to accessible transport for people with a disability. An understanding of the needs of all travellers is essential but there is also a need to consider the constraints of providers of transport...

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A White Paper on the Mobility Divide Index

Are you interested in a brand-new measuring system of public transport accessibility for people with disabilities? Have a look at the TRIPS project's White Paper about the Mobility Divide Index (MDI). The TRIPS consortium views accessibility as an indicator of the...

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TRIPS shortlisted for Zero Project 2022

A world without barriers – that is the vision of the Zero Project, an initiative of the Austrian Essl Foundation and organized jointly with the World Future Council and the European Foundation Centre. Since its start with a preliminary study on existing data related...

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Help us create the Mobility Divide Index!

Which issues mostly affect your experience on public transport? We would like to hear from you! In the TRIPS project, we are designing a new index to assess the level of accessibility of urban transport services. This index will be called Mobility Divide Index (MDI)...

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