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The European Accessibility Observatory – White paper

The European Accessibility Observatory collates, and visualises detailed user feedback in ways that can be actionable for planning, running and managing urban mobility. A city cannot be inclusive unless it feels inclusive. Complaints from the most vulnerable users are...

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Inclusive Digital Mobility Conference Recap

Next Stop: Inclusive Digital Mobility is a Conference that took place on December 7, in Brussels. The conference was co-organised by three EU funded sister projects: TRIPS (, INDIMO ( and...

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The European Accessibility Observatory

A user-centric dashboard for auditing the inclusiveness of urban mobility around Europe A CITY CANNOT BE INCLUSIVE UNLESS IT FEELS INCLUSIVEA set of user-derived metrics enables us to audit the inclusiveness of urban and transport infrastructure from user perspective...

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First pioneer cities to launch demonstrations of the tools for inclusive mobility THE MDI PLATFORM The MDI platform is one of the most relevant outcomes of the TRIPS project. TRIPS Consortium partners developed two applications. This platform is composed by an...

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Co-design for innovative travel concepts 

In a series of workshops, people with a disability imagined concepts that reduced barriers to travel. Some built upon new technology, whilst others took existing ideas and added an inclusive twist. Alongside transport operators and assistive technology specialists,...

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Press release

A New Approach to Designing Transport Systems Free of Mobility Barriers “You only need empathy in design, if you have excluded the people you claim to have empathy for.” - Liz Jackson, Founder of The Disabled List The ambition of the TRIPS project is to take practical...

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