The European Accessibility Observatory – White paper

The European Accessibility Observatory collates, and visualises detailed user feedback in ways that can be actionable for planning, running and managing urban mobility.

A city cannot be inclusive unless it feels inclusive.
Complaints from the most vulnerable users are not taken seriously and do not lead to any change. Accessibility relies only on self-auditing by transport operators and it is biased. The European Accessibility Observatory will help to change and to reduce those problems.

With a set of user-derived metrics, the European Accessibility Observatory enables us to audit the inclusiveness of urban and transport infrastructure from user perspective based on dimensions that matter to vulnerable citizens – like comfort, convenience, time, affordability, safety and autonomy.

Metrics cover all aspects of travelling from planning one’s journey to making it to one’s destination and everything in between, like travelling to a station or stop; buying a ticket; identifying the correct service, boarding a transport means; the journey itself; and off-boarding.