Inclusive Digital Mobility Conference Recap

Next Stop: Inclusive Digital Mobility is a Conference that took place on December 7, in Brussels.

The conference was co-organised by three EU funded sister projects: TRIPS (, INDIMO ( and Dignity ( sharing the goal of improving the accessibility of transport systems through inclusive policies, services and products.

These three projects represent the most recent research aimed at making transport systems more equitable and inclusive by focusing on passengers’ needs. At the core of these three projects is a focus on the citizens that are faced with the most barriers in using public transport: TRIPS addresses the specific needs and barriers encountered by travellers with disabilities; INDIMO and DIGNITY consider a wide range of groups, such as older people. 

In the conference each project shared their unique approaches to transport systems, together with the tools and recommendations developed. TRIPS demonstrated how mobility solutions co-designed by persons with disabilities can provide more inclusive transport. INDIMO presented its toolbox and strategies for groups that are excluded from transport to thrive in the transition to digital mobility, while DIGNITY showcased the results of the Inclusive Design Wheel to overcome barriers to mobility. 

In case you missed the event, see below the videos recorded during the Conference: