TRIPS at the Transport Research Arena (TRA): one more signature for the Lecco Declaration

On 14 November, TRIPS partners presented the project at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) event in Lisbon. The joint session was hosted alongside Ride 2 Rail, focusing on the topic of accessibility.

Ride to Rail is looking at solutions and tools that will facilitate the efficient combination of ride-sharing and scheduled transport services such as bus and rail. By making it easier to compare and choose between multiple transport options and services, RIDE2RAIL seeks to make ridesharing a (more) attractive way to move passengers towards public transport services and at the same time fight congestion and pollution.

It was an exciting moment to share lessons learnt and recommendations from two perspectives. As we know from TRIPS, improving accessibility should be top of the agenda for public transport operators and authorities to make sustainable mobility options more attractive for everyone.

What’s more, CARRIS, public transport operator in Lisbon and involved in the TRIPS pilots, signed the Lecco Declaration. Vice President of CARRIS, Maria Albuquerque, signed the declaration.

“A system that is not inclusive for all is simply not fit for purpose. There is a lot to overcome but we hope to work together with the signatories of the Lecco Declaration. We need to work on solutions together with the whole transport ecosystem.”

The declaration is a commitment to working for the user, with the users, highlighting that freedom of movement is a human right and personal mobility should be guaranteed to all.

Read the full declaration here:

We hope that more organisations realise the importance of such a declaration and come forward to sign it, as a clear marker of their dedication to achieving accessible, sustainable transport.

Do you want to sign it? Let us know! Contact: